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Wayne just charged me for the service and his time. He didn't bother to took anything for the bolt. Not only that, Wayne also inspected my other door to make sure it was working OK also. The service was above and beyond, reliable and quick. Couldn't ask for any other experience. (Alden H., Lebanon Pike Hermitage )
I needed to rekey my house near Ruby Major Elementary and Wayne came on the same day and performed an amazing, clean work. Extremely informed and cordial. He even affixed WD 40 inside the levers to make things even smoother. Hermitage Car & Home Locksmith prices were absolutely modest but there was a tiny error between what I was quoted and the final price, but Wayne resolved it just like a true professional. When you have someone honest and good at what they do, you will stick with them for good. Hermitage Car & Home Locksmith will be my Hermitage locksmiths from now on. (Thomas W. Hermitage Tennessee)
I locked out of the 2003 Opel Vectra Sedan and began contacting locksmiths on YP. They all said a min five hour wait and I have already imagined myself having to sit waiting most of my day. I was transferred over to Hermitage Car & Home Locksmith by other too busy locksmith and viola! Rudy was at my location on Plantation Dr in around 15 minutes. I was SO grateful to them - they were also less pricier than the other locksmiths as well. Double win. - Malcolm D. Hermitage
Wayne only charged me for the call and the time. He didn't took anything for the lock. Not only that, Wayne also inspected the garage window lock to make sure it was working OK as well. Service way beyond, honest and quick. Couldn't ask for a better experience. (Anita X., Lebanon Road Hermitage TN )